How to Become Investment Banker in INDIA |Complete Procedure| Highest Paying Jobs [HINDI/URDU]

How to Become Investment Banker in INDIA |Complete Procedure| Highest Paying Jobs [HINDI/URDU] In this video we will explain how can become Investment Banker after your Graduation or Post Graduation and What are Eligibility to become Investment Banker. If you want to know what is Investment Banking then you should watch Part 1 of this […]

How to Become an Investment Banker? CareerBuilder Videos from funza Academy

For more career guidance related videos, please visit An investment banker consults with a company to determine their capital needs. During this meeting, the investment bank discusses funding options for the company. These funding options may include offering SHARES of the companies stock in what is called an initial public offering, or IPO. The […]

100 Stories | The Investment Banker With a Heart of Gold

2 Down. 98 to go. Thanks to David for being my second interview. If you liked this video, subscribe for more! If you want to hear about what I’m doing all the time, follow me on Twittah If you liked this song as much as I do, check out Brown Jewel on Soundcloud […]

Day in the Life of an Investment Banker I Manisha Girotra I Success Stories I ChetChat

Click on this link for a ChetChat with Manisha Girotra talking of her life as an investment banker, her success story, career in investment banking, a day in the life of an investment banker and how it was to be a woman in an investment banking career. Manisha talks of her career in investment banking, […]

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